Village of
Cayuga County, NY

For information contact:

Village Office  (315) 834-6634; FAX (315) 834-9110
Sue Lamphere, Village Clerk or Diane Scheufele, Village Treasurer


Court for Village of Weedsport - call (315) 834-8634.


Department of Public Works  (315) 834-6411; FAX (315) 834-9110

James Saroodis, Superintendent of Public Works


Village Office and Village Court

8892 South Street

PO Box 190

Weedsport, NY  13166


DPW Complex:

2621 Earl Street

Weedsport, NY  13166

Seeking Quotes For Building Materials
April 03, 2015

The Village of Weedsport is seeking quotes for building materials for work on the Village’s 96’L x 60’W x 17’H compost building.  The Village’s Department of Public Works staff will be doing the construction. (click above to go to page with list)      Quotes must be returned to the Village Office at 8892 South St. PO Box 190, Weedsport NY  13166 no later than Noon, Wednesday April 22, 2015.

Diane P. Scheufele, Village Treasurer


2015 - 2016 Budget and Sewer Rate Increase Approved
January 14, 2015

A Public Hearing was held at the January 14, 2015 Village Board Meeting.   No residents attended the public hearing to comment on the budget or the sewer rate increase.   After the close of the public hearing the Village Board approved the 2015 - 2016 Budget with a tax levy of $458,073 resulting in a $8,690 increase in taxes from last year's tax.  This increase is within the required Tax Cap.  The resulting tax rate is $5.812744, down from last year's tax rate of $6.295599, primarily due to the increase in assessments due to a town-wide revaluation contacted in 2014.


Sewer rates were approved to increase with the May 1, 2015 water/sewer billing.  Sewer rates were increased to $3.50 per 1,000 gallons used over 18,000 gallons and a $60 minimum quarterly service fee.  This is an increase from current rate of $3.00 per 1,000 gallons used over 18,000 gallons and a $54 minimum quarterly service fee.    Approximately 84% of all village sewer accounts do not exceed 18,000 gallons used per quarter.  So for the majority of accounts, the cost will increase $6.00 per quarter or $2.00 per month.